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With most western economies reeling under systemic irregularities and with credit crunch in the banking and financial sector, the fundamental precepts of Islamic Finance has become increasingly attractive to the western world. The rapid pace of economic growth and growing affluence of the Islamic economies in the Middle East, Africa and the Far East have attracted western financial institutions to develop innovative Islamic financial products, drive cross-border linkages and establish investment teams to take advantage of asset gathering opportunities in these regions. To be effective in these markets, thorough understanding of Shari’ah law and it’s applications in the banking and financial sector is critical. Our Islamic Banking and Finance program offers a series of modules to positively influence the larger Risk and Compliance spectrum in your firm for effective business management, organisational growth and profitability.

Our subject matter experts are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Islamic financial product development and advising leading financial institutions globally. They help ensure you benefit from real world, contemporary assessment of the key risk, legal and compliance issues in Islamic finance. They have dedicated their careers to research, have written a number books and consultative papers to educate the larger non-Islamic world on the Shari’ah principles and laws.

Featured Islamic Banking and Finance Programs

  • Challenges and Opportunities of Islamic Financing
  • Sukūk: Structures and Elements
  • Islamic Project Financing and Infrastructure
  • Islamic Finance and Investment
  • Islamic Finance – Advanced Project Finance and Public Private Partnerships
  • Modern Islamic Finance and Investment
  • Legal Risk Management: Islamic Finance Transactions
  • Islamic Insurance (Takaful)