All our courses can be customised or we can design an entirely new course to specifically address your organisational requirements.


The dynamics of today’s global business environment are compelling organisations to seek new ways to improve their competitive edge. In doing so, the benefits to the organisations can be enormous but they come with significant risks. Demand for superior internal audit services has therefore grown exponentially. Organisations today, are more aware of the importance of good corporate governance, effective risk management and appropriate internal controls.

Our Internal audit programs are aimed at supporting your governance efforts to grow shareholder value and continuously improve your organisations’ control systems. We deliver bespoke, in-house, customised training programs that ensure greatest results. Our programs are delivered by experts who are well placed to help your organisation navigate through the myriad of complex situations in a globalised world and evaluate your governance, operations and information systems, particularly in relation to:

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations
Reliability and Integrity of Financial and Operational Information
Protection of Assets
IT Infrastructure, Operations and Systems
Risk Management

Featured Internal Audit Programs

  • Fundamentals of Internal Auditing
  • Auditing, Mergers & Acquisitions and Due Diligence
  • Risk-based Internal Auditing
  • Assessing Organisation’s Audit Management Process
  • Performing an Effective Audit Assessment
  • COSO 2013 – Implementing the Framework
  • Innovation in Internal Audit
  • Best Practices in Internal Auditing
  • Lean Auditing
  • Auditing Social Media Governance and Controls
  • Relationship Building Skills for Auditors
  • Leadership and Supervision Skills for Auditors
  • Essential Skills for Today’s Internal Auditor
  • Evaluation of the Corporate Culture (Soft Controls)
  • Effective Audit Report Writing
  • Basel II/III Reporting
  • Auditing Procurement and Procurement Fraud
  • Value for Money: Performance Auditing
  • Internal Audit in the Public Sector
  • Advance Auditing
  • Auditing Derivatives
  • Auditing Risk Standards
  • Auditing Procedures and Planning an Audit
  • Integrated Audits for IT Enabled Projects
  • Assessing Data Reliability
  • Auditing IT Outsourcing
  • IT Auditing Principles for Internal Auditing Managers
  • Auditing IT Application Systems
  • Evaluating IT Security Management