Today businesses have their own unique challenges and needs. Our in-house training programs offer flexible, bespoke, customised training solutions that are delivered when and where our clients’ need them the most. We work directly with our clients to understand their training objectives and customise our modules to ensure that the training delivered is relevant and addresses their specific business requirements.

Customised to meet our clients’ Objectives

A dedicated Factum specialist will Identify and engage a subject matter expert to conduct a detailed assessment to define key learning objectives and develop an outline of the proposed training module.

Case studies and topical trends specific to our clients’ business can be incorporated into the training module to ensure topics covered are practical and constructive to their organisations.

Designed for Convenience and Flexibility

Our programs are delivered to our clients’ local city offices or anywhere in their local markets, ensuring that they maximise their teams’ learning while saving valuable training dollars on employee travel expenses.

With our on-site training modules our clients significantly reduce employee down time and yet spread and share the same acquired learning across all employees in the local, regional and global offices.

Modelled around Building Teams

Bringing our clients’ teams together under the same training module across all markets enhances learning, promotes team building efforts and ensures confidentiality is not compromised within the organisation.

Participants receive uniform lesson and gain the same knowledge which is pervasive across the organisation and thus they grow and develop on each others’ strengths and acumen.

Facilitated by World Class Subject Matter Experts

Our programs are led by a panel of individuals who have distinguished themselves both as subject matter experts as well as renowned training professionals. They are frequent international speakers and have delivered training programs for multinationals globally. Participants benefit from their wide-ranging practical and high value constructive learning.